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Recommendations for eating protein for pregnant women.

The amino acids in protein are building blocks for the cells of the mother’s body and the fetus. Getting enough protein during pregnancy is important to keep both mother and baby healthy. Especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, which is when the baby grows rapidly. Pregnant


Regular honey has anti-inflammatory properties. And relieve symptoms of infection by helping to adjust the function of the skin’s immune system. And stimulates the repair of damaged skin tissue. Manuka honey is one of the most popular types of honey used as an ingredient in skin care products beauty

What kind of symptoms should “check internally”?

What kind of symptoms should “check internally“? The matter of abnormal symptoms affecting the internal organs of the body It is something that we cannot see outside with the naked eye. Therefore, in many ways Many times before realizing that it is a serious and dangerous disease. It may

Is drinking water really good for the body?

Is drinking water really good for the body? “Drink lots of water” is often one of the recommendations from doctors. Including those who take care of their health because they believe that drinking a lot of water It will make the body have better health. That is not bad advice.

5 ways to make your lips naturally plump and red

5 ways to make your lips naturally plump and red If talking about facial organs that are considered visible points Probably not out of the lips, especially if the girls, if the red lipstick says that the more pronounced from afar But that’s not to say that