Camping equipment that you should have for beginners.

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Camping is an activity that is becoming more and more popular because nowadays people like to go out and experience nature. Relax amidst a comfortable atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. For beginners who want to go camping with him. Knowing the necessary equipment for going on a trip It is consider very important. Because in addition to helping to experience nature smoothly this time It will also provide convenience when going camping. 

Which is consider very necessary Whether it’s a tent, a mattress, cooking equipment. In this article, we สมัคร ufabet will introduce camping equipment. What will there be?

Tent and tent tarpaulin: It is the first thing you need to buy as camping equipment. Because we must use it to sleep and do various activities. While camping, you can cook, lounge, and relax. But there are many styles of tents to choose from these days. So let’s take a look at the types of tents and how to choose the right one. 

  • Dome tent: This is a popular tent and isn’t too expensive. There are many brands to choose from. But it is not suitable for places where the wind blows strong. or severe weather fluctuations 
  • Tunnel tent: It is a tent that has a long shape. Suitable for many people staying. And setting in windy conditions is better than the dome type. But it may weigh more.
  • Pop-up tent: This is a tent that is easy to use. Just take it out of the storage bag. The tent will automatically unfold. Or fold it and store it easily as well. There are both dome and tunnel shapes. It’s camping equipment that’s suitable for beginners or people who want to try a tent camping trip first to test whether they like it or not.
  • Marquee Tent: It’s a tent that takes beautiful photos no matter what. and is becoming more popular But setting up a tent has a different method from other types. That is, use a single pole to support it inside. Not suitable for hiking or traveling long distances because it is heavy and not suitable for places where the wind is too strong

Bedding equipment: Of course, going camping in the middle of nature may not be as comfortable as sleeping at home. But there are helpers such as bedding that will help make sleeping in camp more comfortable. 

  • Sleeping bag: For anyone who has to set up a tent in cold weather. Sleeping bags are an essential and indispensable piece of tent camping equipment. There are many types of sleeping bags to choose from according to the temperature of the area in which they will be use, such as sleeping bags for use in areas with temperatures of 15-22 degrees Celsius or sleeping bags for use in areas with temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius, etc.
  • Sleeping cushion: Sleeping cushion is another essential part for sleeping in a tent. Helps us feel warmer and softer while sleeping. 

Flysheet and Tarp: For beginners, they may not be familiar with these two words. Both of which are essential tent camping equipment. Especially going camping during the rainy season. 

  • Flysheet: Fly sheet is a canvas that is use to cover the tent as an additional layer. This will prevent dew or rain water from getting into the tent. But most modern tents come with a flysheet already attached. Some models can be separat from the tent. 
  • Tarp: Tarp is an abbreviation of the word Tarpaulin, which means waterproof canvas. It is a camping equipment used to spread out the area you want to create a living or cooking area. And helps block the sun and rain It is a canvas sheet that can be assembl separately from the tent or can be set up to cover the tent as well. Assembly will require 2 – 4 steel support legs, depending on size. and use a rope to stretch it into the ground with anchors at 4 – 6 points. 

Camping table and chairs: Tables and chairs are essential camping equipment. Use it for sitting and eating or gathering together while camping. But going camping outside The right chair or table needs to be foldable and easy to carry. Including being made from strong materials. Resistant to moisture to a certain extent. 

Camping stove: If anyone wants to cook in the camp Essential camping equipment is a stove and a gas can. 

Kitchen equipment: There are quite a lot of kitchen equipment for camping to choose from. It depends on what we want to cook. How much do you cook? But if you already have kitchen equipment at home that you can use, you can use it at the campsite. But it is not recommend to use materials such as tiles, glass, or ceramics because they are heavy and break easily. 

Lamps, lanterns and flashlights: It is a very necessary piece of tent camping equipment. especially at night For lanterns or lamps, there are many types to choose from according to your aptitude. Both the type of oil lamp that is actually use to light a fire. Or you can use it as an LED lantern, most of which come with a built-in charging cable. Or even more convenient, it comes with a small, environmentally friendly solar panel. Can be charg during the day and use at night.