Dangerous! Household cleaning products that should not be used together.

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Dangers of cleaning fluids that many people may not know. Because there are many types of cleaning solutions and each type has its own unique abilities. As a result, sometimes when cleaning, some people may think of taking a shortcut by mixing different types of cleaning drugs in the expectation that they will get good results easily and quickly. But this method can be dangerous if certain ingredients are mix together and become toxic. It may be life-threatening or reduce the efficiency of the cleaning solution. What are the cleaning solutions that should not be use together?

Different brands of bathroom cleaners: Use different brands of bathroom cleaners mixed together. Don’t understand that you will get double cleanliness. But always keep in mind that each product is unique. If used together, the results may not be as good as hoped. There may also be a strong chemical reaction that can harm you.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide: When these two chemicals are mix together, a chemical reaction will occur. persitic acid If there is a high concentration, it will cause irritation, burning, itching, and damage to the skin, eyes, throat, nasal mucosa, ทางเข้า ufabet and lungs.

Baking soda and vinegar: Many people may have known that If baking soda is mix with vinegar and then poured with hot water. It will help eliminate the problem of clogged pipes. Or use baking soda and mandarin juice to help remove stains on your gas stove in the blink of an eye. But according to science Mixing a weakly acidic chemical such as vinegar. With a weakly alkaline chemical such as baking soda together. Makes the pH value neutral The result is only normal water. If mixed and stored in a closed container, it may explode.

Bleach and various cleaning liquids: Normal chemicals used in households such as Glass cleaner Bathroom cleaner, dishwashing liquid, etc. If mix in bleach solution The chemical reaction produces chlorine gas. If exposed to even a small amount of chlorine It can be harmful to the respiratory system and vision.

Bleach and alcohol for disinfection: Bleach and alcohol are both disinfectants. But if water is mix together. It will create chloroform and hydrochloric acid, causing damage to the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, liver, eye mucosa, and skin.

Bleach and vinegar: Adding a mildly acidic chemical, such as vinegar, to the bleach solution. You will get toxic gas that causes severe eye irritation. and results in lung damage.

Using the cleaning solution will work best on its own. Should not be mix with other types. Prevent harm to yourself and make the cleaning solution have excellent performance. However, you should wear protective gloves every time you use the cleaning solution.