Mung bean and health good i dare you to try it!

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Mung bean are easy to make, cheap and have more benefits than you think. Both help reduce cholesterol, nourish the heart, and much more.

When you think of mung beans, what does everyone think of? Some people may think of a simple dessert menu. Like lightly boiling sweet mung beans. Some people may think of mung beans. that are grown to get bean sprouts, but actually mung beans that many people overlook have good benefits for the body that ยูฟ่าเบท would like to recommend that you try eating them.

Mung beans are high in protein compared to other dry beans. Therefore it can be considered a source of protein food. When consumed together with grains, mung bean provide all the essential amino acids the body needs. Protein from mung bean It is cheap compared to meat. And by choosing to eat plant-based protein foods instead of meat, you can avoid consuming more fat than necessary.

In addition, mung bean also provide some vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body, such as vitamin B1 to help prevent beriberi, vitamin B2 to help prevent canker sores. Calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for bone strength, and iron, which are necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Mung beans also contain dietary fiber, which helps control fat levels. in the blood and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Mung beans are a food classified as a carbohydrate that has a beneficial effect on controlling blood sugar and lipid levels. weight control and reducing the risk of vascular disease In addition, eating mung beans has a simple preparation process, such as stir-fried bean sprouts and boiled mung beans in sugar. 

Nourish skin and

Any girl who wants to have radiant skin and healthy hair. Mung beans can help you. Because mung beans are rich in many minerals and vitamins. which helps nourish the health of the skin to look radiant It also helps keep the scalp healthy. Hair doesn’t fall out easily. If you are interested in trying nourishing your hair and facial skin with mung beans, Try using these formulas.

Mung bean facial mask recipe


  • Mung bean seeds
  • Warm water.

Directions for use:

          1. Grind mung beans into a fine powder.
          2. Add warm water and mix with mung beans powder. Stir well until it becomes a cream.
          3. Apply the mask on the face and leave it until dry for about 10 minutes.
          4. Massage the masked area thoroughly to scrub it. Then rinse thoroughly.

Mung beans hair treatment recipe

. Ingredients

  • Mung bean seeds
  • Green tea without sugar
  • Olive oil or almond oil
  • Yogurt

How to use

          1. Grind mung bean seeds into a fine powder.
          2. Add Pour a little green tea into the mung beans. Stir until it becomes a thick, creamy consistency.
          3. Add olive oil or almond oil. Mix until smooth.
          4. Add 2/3 tablespoons of yogurt, stir well, then apply to hair and leave for about 30 minutes, then rinse.