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Eating a nutritionally complete diet is a simple way to take care of your bone. That is very beneficial to the process of building strong bones. Let’s look at some examples of foods that nourish bones that are suitable for people of all ages as follows:

Fish with essential fatty acids
Fish that contain essential fatty acids is a source of vitamin D that helps in the absorption of calcium into the body. Especially fish that are easy to buy such as mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon  , etc. Moreover, essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids also help in the bone building process and prevent bone loss too ทางเข้า ufabet

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Green leafy vegetables
Many dark green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. Whether it’s kale, broccoli, water mimosa, yor leaves, betel leaves or bok choy , they also contain vitamin K, which is a mineral that helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Each type of vegetable will provide different amounts of calcium. Consumers should consider the type of vegetables and the appropriate amount to eat. For example, yor leaves and chaplu leaves should not be eaten in excessive quantities. Because it can cause stones in the kidneys or in the bladder.

Dairy products
One of the first things that come to mind when we think of calcium is probably milk and dairy products. like cheese or yogurt, but these products actually also provide protein, potassium, and phosphorus , which are essential nutrients for bone health as well. Nowadays, more and more nutrients that the body needs are being added to milk. Therefore, we see formula milk with vitamin D or other minerals added as another option for consumers.