Healthy skin. Check out 10 signs that show your skin is still good

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Healthy skin. Check out 10 signs that show your skin is still good.

Greetings to Sis people. Recently, we’ve been exploring the TikTok app for fun and have seen a trend where most people are concerned about their appearance, such as zooming in on their own face and seeing only pores. Then I kept worrying until I felt like my skin wasn’t good at all. Anyone who is having this behavior, we ask everyone to calm down first Well, sometimes we may worry too much. The question is, how do we know if we worry too much or if our skin actually has a problem?

Let’s check it out with 10 skin signs at That show that ‘Skin health is still good’ Don’t worry too much! There will be signs of good skin health, let’s have a look below. But before looking, let’s look at the factors that make skin good/bad skin first.

What factors cause good skin and damaged skin?

There are many factors that make skin healthy and bad. But we’ll gather the main ones as follows~

1. Lifestyle: Each person’s lifestyle can have an effect on whether or not the skin is good or bad. Some people stay out late, don’t exercise often, work hard, read a lot. All of these things can make your skin worse.

2. Food  : If you eat all 5 food groups, avoid fried food, greasy food, various spicy foods, sugary drinks/soft drinks, snacks, these will also improve your skin. Because sugar and oils can make our skin more oily!

3. Water: The water used to clean the skin is very effective. If the water is not clean or contaminated, it may cause the skin to become allergic and cause a rash. Acne can occur.

4. Air: It is something that cannot be controlled because of dust. Smoke and pollution are everywhere. But these things cause our skin to dry out or cause irritation. You can have acne too.

5. Cleaning: Talking about both cleaning the skin incorrectly and forgetting to clean household items. As for cleaning the skin, we should choose the one that suits our skin type. If your face isn’t oily, don’t use oil-reducing formulas, etc. As for cleaning household items, some people don’t clean things like sweeping, wiping, and mopping. Wash blankets/sheets Sometimes dust can harm the skin. Know this and clean it too. Check out

Healthy skin, sign 1, even skin tone

Let’s start with the first thing, which The skin color is even. I say that it is healthy skin because if the skin is even, it means that we have nourished the skin thoroughly and with maximum efficiency. What makes the skin even and good is “sunscreen” because the sun damages our skin both inside and outside. The inner skin loses moisture and the outer skin gets burned. If we don’t apply sunscreen or don’t apply it evenly, or don’t apply it well, there may be some spots that aren’t evenly applied. Therefore, it is the point where some parts of the skin are damaged and some parts are still safe. Knowing this, don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well.