Isco Alargon has to cut wages to sign a new team.

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Midfielder Isco Alargon the 30 year old will have to agree a €7m-a-year salary cut from Real Madrid. If he wants to sign a deal with a new club this football summer.

Isco Alargon is set to become independent at the end of his contract with Real Madrid on June 30. But the 30-year-old will have to cut his wages. If he wants to sign a new club interest in him. UFABET According to reports. ‘Deario Sport’ on Saturday past. 

According to reports, Isco has been the focus of two Sevilla clubs, Sevilla and Real Betis. But they all face the same obstacle: failing to pay their players $7 million a year. Euros as he has received from the white team. As well as Valencia who have link with the players as well.

Roma, another club interest in Isco, are also reluctant to pay that much to the 30-year-old, who has rarely been involved in the game over the years, so Isco has to offer a pay cut. It comes down as well if he wants to make a deal with one of the teams this summer. 

Isco Alargon full name Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, Spanish footballer, born April 21, 1992, height 176 centimeters or 5.8 feet, position as an attacking midfielder. The current club is Real Madrid in La Ralca, Spain. wears the number 22 shirt