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5 ways to make your lips naturally plump and red

5 ways to make your lips naturally plump and red If talking about facial organs that are considered visible points Probably not out of the lips, especially if the girls, if the red lipstick says that the more pronounced from afar But that’s not to say that

Yurion Timber is another Napoli target.

Yurion Timber is another Napoli target in the event of losing Kim Min-Jae at the end of the season. The situation for the 26-year-old South Korean football defender is uncertain. As the €48 million release clause is set to take effect in the first half

Espanyol CEO apologizes after fans invade pitch.

Espanyol CEO Yao Yi is ready to work with La Liga to fend off supporters. After some Parrot supporters stormed onto the pitch following Sunday’s 4-2 defeat to Barcelona. Espanyol CEO Yao Yi apologized for the actions of Parrots fans who stormed the pitch after

PSG replaces Bernardo with Messi.

PSG have named Bernardo Silva as their replacement for Lionel Messi next season. The 35-year-old striker is set to leave Paris Saint-Germain. after this season By negotiating a new contract over the past several months. There has been no progress. Plus media inside and outside France said the

Benzema happy Messi cheers to win Ballon d’Or

Karim Benzema has enjoyed comments from Lionel Messi. Who told the press that the France forward footballer deserves this year’s Ballon d’Or. Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema has revealed he is happy with Lionel Messi’s comments. That Benzema deserves the Ballon d’Or this year. As