Espanyol CEO apologizes after fans invade pitch.

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Espanyol CEO Yao Yi is ready to work with La Liga to fend off supporters. After some Parrot supporters stormed onto the pitch following Sunday’s 4-2 defeat to Barcelona.

Espanyol CEO Yao Yi apologized for the actions of Parrots fans who stormed the pitch after their 4-2 loss to Barcelona. As the Azulgrana celebrated their title. La Liga ready to clarify that clubs will work together to do their best to eliminate offenders from the field. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Monday. 

Barcelona beat Espanyol 4-2 to win their first La Liga title in four years and the club’s 27th trophy. With the Barca players celebrating after the game. But they had to rush back into the dressing room. After a number of Parrots fans couldn’t stand the sight and stormed onto the pitch. 

‘We apologize to football for these incidents. Those who jump onto the pitch do not represent the image of Espanyol. They do not represent our club. And we will do everything possible to get rid of this kind of situation. Which cannot happen in our stadium.’ said Yao Yi.UFABET

La Liga, meanwhile, have said they will work with Espanyol to identify those on the pitch. The Nok Kaew team released a statement saying they regretted the incident and condemned the violence. 

‘From our club always take the necessary security measures. We are one of the strictest clubs in this type of defense. We will have to review what happened and fix any existing shortcomings.’