Macron not pressured Mbappe to continue playing in France.

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France’s Emmanuel Macron insists he is only giving advice to Kylian Mbappe. Not pressure the player to stay in the French league. According to media reports.

French President Emmanuel Macron has insisted he never interfered in Kylian Mbappe’s decision. After French media claimed he pressured the 23-year-old to turn down an offer from France. Real Madrid are staying at Paris Saint-Germain. UFABET According to Marca on Saturday. 

Mbappe has agreed a contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, but the 23-year-old forward’s story has not ended, including rejecting big-legs Real Madrid, the value of a new deal and a signing bonus worth. huge Including talks with President Macron in which the media claims that the French leader pressured him to continue playing in the Perfume City League. 

‘I have never interfered in any trading. Like other citizens When it comes to sports I want to see good play and support the team. Especially in my case, Olympique Marseille,’ Macron revealed. 

Macron has publicly stated that he is a huge Marseille fan, but admitted Mbappe’s birth was a good thing for France and he insisted on telling the 23-year-old that as well.

‘Yes, it is true that I spoke with Mbappe before he made a firm decision about his future. which I informally advised him to stay in France.’