What is meaning Baccarat game?

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The word “Baccarat game” is a card game. Similar to poker, where the word “Baccarat” is a French word. Its root is “Baccara” which is an Italian word by such words. It means “zero”, which means a zero point. Which is consider the highest number of cards used in playing baccarat. So the history of baccarat Baccarat or the origin of baccarat. It can be assume that Born in Italy Invented by Felix Falguirein, an Italian gambler in the late 15th century. And this game of Baccarat was brought to France during the reign of Charles VIII, King of France During the French-Italian war During the Christian era 1494. play online baccarat UFABET.

There are also some experts who have commented on the history of baccarat. Because the structure of Baccarat is very similar to the French Blackjack . Therefore it is assumed that Baccarat probably originated from the development of blackjack in France. Also in the early 19th century, which coincided with the reign of Louis Philippe (1793-1850).

But the conclusion from the hypothesis about the history of Baccarat card game. How true that is, no one can tell and which one is the most true. Also cannot be known. But what is a good confirmation about the game of Baccarat is that It is a card game that has popular since the past until entering the present.